Caterham celebrates the 1970s with Super Seven 1600 special

Meet the new Caterham Super Seven 1600 – a new special edition of the mighty little sports car.

For this special, Caterham has decided to evoke the spirit of the 1970s. For some that may conjure up images of Noddy Holder and prawn cocktails (perhaps even of Noddy Holder eating a prawn cocktail), while for others it may arouse memories of the three-day working week and strike-ridden car factories.

For Caterham, it’s more about Noddy Holder as the Super Seven 1600 is designed to reflect the joy and glamour of motoring in the 1970s, but also underline what the Caterham experience has always stood for – a back-to-basics car with race-inspired upgrades.

So, for the Super Seven 1600, Caterham has taken its basic Seven 270 and added a number of retro touches. These include flared front wings, 14-inch alloys and a spare-wheel on the back along with some old-style Caterham badges and a wooden-rimmed steering wheel. There’s also a pair of smart leather seats.

As it’s based on the entry-level Caterham Seven 270, under the bonnet is a 1.6-litre four-cylinder Ford Sigma engine pushing out 135bhp and 165Nm of torque, and paired with a five-speed gearbox.

It gets standard road suspension, those 14-inch alloys are shod in Avon ZT7 tyres and, for a very 1970s touch, the car gets DCOE throttle body injection to give a distinctive growl. Zero-to-60mph takes just five seconds and the top speed is 122mph.

Naturally there are an assortment of heritage colours. Racing Green, Caribbean Blue, Tuscany Red, Saxony Grey, Serengeti Orange, Bordeaux Red and Oxford White are all available, and you can even choose from the standard chassis Caterham or the wider and more comfortable SV version.

The Super Seven 1600 follows on from two other limited-run specials. The Sprint and Super Sprint both harked back to the 1960s and sold out very quickly.

Prices for the Super Seven 1600 start at £33,495 and in true Caterham style the car is available as a kit or as a factory build.

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